"Doodle Thoughts"

A Message From The Founder

I sit here speechless… literally in awe on how fast the completion of our first year has arrived yet ecstatic for the start of another great year of success. From fashion shows to engineering competitions, we are bringing you new/improved events and causes to participate in this year.

The Project KITE volunteers have taken the initiative to prepare several morning/evening participation sessions that will allow everyone to see what we are all about. I personally would like to thank them for their dedication and passion in helping others. Please feel free to tour the site and see how “leading by example” begins to make a difference.

Our Mission


Project KITE was created for the purpose of providing a platform for our youth to pursue their dreams.

It is paramount that Project KITE provides the resources for youth in different demographics so that all have an opportunity to take that step forward in a positive and healthy direction.

As an organization, we have begun to take
the first steps towards a realistic goal in providing the opportunity for kids that just need a chance to shine, so let's start one kid at a time!