Our Mission

It is paramount that Project KITE provides the resources for youth in different demographics so that all have an opportunity to take that step forward in a positive and healthy direction.

Project KITE will also be assisting youth through sports, dance, creative arts and anything in their pursuit of happiness.

As an organization, we have begun to take
the first steps towards a realistic goal in providing the opportunity for kids that just need a chance to shine, so let's start one kid
at a time!

About The Foundation

Project KITE was created for the purpose of providing a platform for our youth to pursue their dreams.

Founded in 2009 by Norlan Delgado and Raymond Sancristobal, who shared a vision in inspiring future generations by promoting active and healthy lifestyles. These two young entrepreneurs, who often describe themselves as "two opposites working together for the same cause", have begun a series of hands on events to establish involvement and aid to those in need.

This duo has definitely taken the first steps in taking a new approach to those who believe that if you can think it, then you can conceive it.

Project KITE was founded in hopes of inspiring future generations to “lead by example”. The organization has already managed to provide a Christmas experience for a group of 50 orphans (www.boystown.org) with the annual “Give A Holiday” event and established a K.O.S. Club at U-School (www.uschool.nova.edu) with 45 plus students enrolled for the purpose of participating in helping others.

Project KITE has volunteered in other causes such as Bowling for Breast Cancer, Walk for Autism, SFACS Field Day (www.sfacs.org), and Miami International Cattle Show  which benefits other causes (www.miacs.info).

We will continue this momentum and fulfill social needs that could benefit others.