Project KITE works through Programs, Initiatives and Events created and sustained to achieve our goals of who shared a vision in inspiring future generations by promoting active and healthy lifestyles. He have made paramount that Project KITE provides the resources for youth in different demographics so that all have an opportunity to take that step forward in a positive and healthy direction.

Learn about our current Programs and Events below:

The Dream Catcher is a program designed to give a child randomly selected the opportunity to experience one of their child hood dreams.

We will ask them to enter their top three choices in an online registration followed by specific guidelines as to what qualifies as a dream-such “Dream” experience would be required to promote/inspire a child through creative, educational, or active involvement.

Funds will be attained by our “Donate Now” button available online and/or other fundraiser/sponsored events that Project KITE can acquire for the sole purpose of helping others. Our ultimate goal would be to hold monthly selections of multiple children in hopes of inspiring them to follow what they believe in.

Give-A-Holiday- is an annual event that is organized to entertain an array of guests for the sake of raising awareness and support of children without any hopes of being loved over the lonesome holidays.

This is accomplished by pre-selecting an orphanage and providing the resident children with a Christmas experience which includes age specific gifts, a warm holiday meal, and a night of game/activities.

In this event we shall collect donations upon entry of our guests that can assist Project KITE in accomplishing our annual goal, such donations can be collected in a simple monetary contribution or in the form of an actual toy gift for children.

Project KITE Reaches Out – Is solely a volunteering objective for our Project KITE Club members (currently 45 children for 2010-2011 school year) to assist in helping other causes.

The children plan out a year of goals that they would like to accomplish to make a difference in our communities. This is accomplished through the use of different fund raising activities (for example chocolate/baked good sales, car washes, and/or talent shows)

The children have already been able to participate in several causes such as:

 Walk-For-Autism (
Bowling for Breast Cancer (
SFACS Field Day (
Miami International Cattle Show (